Two singles by the same artist ...?

I’m a bit confused, I feel like I’m missing something obvious so I’ll take the flac(k) if I am :innocent:

I’ve just uploaded lots of singles to my library, obviously many will exist as a track on an album somewhere, but for my purposes they are single tracks, no albums in my library contain them, and their folder/storage location and tag is called ‘single tracks’. I’ve tidied all the metadata so no album is included, corrected any errors with artist and track name and found art for each one.

I would like Roon to display them all individually as single tracks but as soon as two (or more) of them are by the same artist they are bundled together as an album, which has to be opened to see the tunes. Obviously I can edit that album, but it I don’t want it to exist and cannot find a way to get rid of it. I go to ‘edit track’ to change the album type to single but the option is not there as it is now a track within an unwanted and mis-named album.

It does seem to be all about the artist name, if I change one artist name to the Rolling Bones the two tracks become individual tunes again, this is unacceptable as the Rolling Bones are a bloody awful band.

Am I missing something?


I brought all my singles in at the same time, (so they would pile up in Albums>By Date Added) and then edited the en mass to show Album Type: Single. I think I also edited them externally to add “Single” in the Grouping and Album Name metadata.

The Album metadata field looks like this:

Album Name/Song Name (Single)

I think Roon reads that.

Many thanks Andrew - (Single) was the key!