Two users, one Roon

I guess this might be an edge case, but here’s my challenge.
We have a Roon setup in our living room and also in the study.
Ideally I want to be able for my wife to be able to use Roon in the living room, while I use it in the study, both using Tidal but to play different content.
I have a family account set up on Tidal, but the Roon interface will only let me add one account.
So currently when one of starts playing the other stops.
Any ideas of a workaround for this?

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Thats odd… I just tried playing two different Tidal streams, one to my main rig and simultaneously one to my kitchen Sonos speaker (both through Roon of course)
No issues whatsoever?

Just to clarify , one core where the library lives and 2 end points, Lounge and Study ?

It should work if so

Mike might be onto something here, could it be that you or your spouse is Bluetoothing/AirPlaying to one zone (i.e. using one login on their tablet/phone/pc while the other paert is using the Roon app and there fore another accounti login?)

One Tidal account is all you need. What you need to do is create your Zones in Roon using your two endpoints. Roon will treat each zone separate or combine them if they are both RAAT end points. Maybe you should list your equipment and what each of your end points are.

OK. Problem solved. I was actually conflating two different things.

  1. I have had problems in the past while trying to use Tidal at work while my wife is using Roon at home (@Mikael_Ollars was right). This is now fixed as a workaround as I have family Roon account - although it means I now need to maintain duplicate playlists, favourite albums, etc - unless anyone has found a solution to this?

  2. What made me think there was a multi-zone Tidal problem is that when I started streaming something in the study zone, the living room zone stopped (two separate end-points, Chromecast in study and Logitech Transporter in living room). I since worked out that it happens (it has happened before) when Roon is ‘synching libraries’ according to the Tidal dialogue in Roon settings/services.
    This synching seems to take forever, and no streaming is possible during this time.

But now have two separate streams going to the two end points, no issues.
Anyone have thoughts on how long the synching is supposed to take?
Or if there is another solution to avoid maintaining two Tidal log-ins, one for Roon and one for me out-of-home? I’m happy to pay for Tidal family, cost is not the issue.

Of course, if there were a mobile solution for Tidal this problem would be fixed instantly :slight_smile: but I guess not on the priority list in the product backlog…

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