Two versions of the same album not detected

I have an album 24/48 which is detected fine by Roon.
I have tried to have Roon detect another version - 16/44.1 declipped - of the same album, but it does not see it at all.
Just in case, I tried to convert this album from FLAC->AIFF->FLAC and force a rescan. It’s still not detected.
With other media player the two versions are detected normally.

Anything I can do?

It’s possible that this version is there. In Settings > General by default Show duplicates is set to off (no). If so, Roon will only display the best quality version.

If you display the 24/48 version, try clicking the Other Versions button. It may be there.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Greg
In Settings > General I do not see a button Show Duplicates. Where is it?
Only reference to duplicates I see is “Clean Up Duplicates When Exporting”.
I am on v1.2 (build 149).

I realized that you meant “Show Hidden”.
Now I can see the different album version.
However, I need to keep this option to “off” because I do not want to see many albums that Ihave only for compilation.
Therefore, I tried to Unhide the album, but it stays hidden.

In simple words, I have to create an exception. How?
If I enable Show Hidden, Roon shows the album I want but also a whole series of albums I do not want to see… and I cannot hide them afterwards.
If I disable Show Hidden, Roon hides the albums I do not wish to see but also the different version album I would like to see.

Oops, sorry, brain fart. Yes, Show Hidden.

Cheers, Greg

Please see my message above

I think it may be an all or nothing scenario.

Maybe @eric or @vova can help.

Cheers, Greg

Is it not just one more click away by clicking on other versions?

Sorry, you did not read my above reply:

It is not all or nothing. If you go into the album and click on the “other versions” button, you’ll see that there is a “remove from duplicates” option for the hidden album(s)

You are correct sir. Very cool!

Cheers, Greg

Great! Matter solved.