Two year old problem never fixed

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS Monterey, M1 MacBook Pro, 32GB RAM

I’ve reported this over and over and it’s never fixed. After several hours of being idle, my Mac loses whatever place I was last at with Roon. If my album library is displayed it goes blank. When I ask for my library, it tells me to remove focus criteria. If there are none (there usually aren’t any) I have too add focus criteria, like favorites, to see my library. If I’m viewing favorites (or more accurately, was viewing favorites, I have to turn that off. This is silly, and I expect easily solved. 'm including a screen shot. I’ve put up with this for the two years of my lifetime subscription. It doesn’t matter which laptop I use, and I’ve changed network hardware a few times. It’s a Roon bug, and I’m tired of having my collection invisible every morning. I’m uploading a screen shot.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Where are your music files stored ? Seems to me that maybe the drive they are on is ‘going to sleep’ at some point, requiring some action to wake it up. Just a thought . . .

This also happens to myself occasionally but ONLY on my Android phone.
No rhyme or reason to it that I can detect so I just shrug and ignore it.

Never occured on iPad or windows remotes.