U1 Mini Configuration Guidance

Looking for advice on how the best configure my U1 Mini and Roon for best digital music file resolution:

My system is as follows;
Roon Core music server is a Mac mini, feeding the Lumin U1 Mini through Wi-Fi (TP-Link Access Point connected to the U1 Mini Ethernet port). U1 Mini connected to a miniDSP SHD Studio via SPDIF coax (for room correction, with Dirac Live 2). miniDSP connected to a Devialet Expert 140 Pro via SPDIF coax. Devialet is feeding Focal Sopra N3 speakers.

So I use the Lumin U1 Mini as my Roon end point, even though the Devialet is Roon ready (because I like the Dirac Live room correction), and I could stream directly to the Devlalet from the Roon Core via Wi-FI.

I stream High Res music from either ripped CDs (FLAC) or Qobuz (highest res available depending on album).

Questions are:

  1. On the Lumin U1 Mini, what are the best custom “Re-sampling” settings. Currently set Re-sampling as “Off”.
  2. On the Roon core, what are the best DSP settings and best Lumin U1 Mini config?

Thanks for your help in advance.


I don’t know about Lumin U1 Mini, but Devialet is performing his internal resampling. I believe that it is best to avoid any resample before your Devialet.

Please keep the Lumin re-sampling to Off when using Roon. Turn off Lumin Streaming if you don’t use AirPlay, and turn off Spotify Connect if you don’t use Spotify. As for the Roon DSP setting, I guess you should not use Roon DSP if you’re using miniDSP.

I suggest changing the U1 MINI - miniDSP connection to AES.

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Why are you using the Lumin at all when the miniDSP is already a Roon endpoint?


Thank you for your response. That’w why I am asking the question: I can re-sample air multiple point in my chain and I wonder how to best configure. Reading other posts on the topic, it seems that you are correct, that it best with quality endpoint to have the re-sampling does at pithing the pre-amp / DAC.

Thank you again for your response.



Thank you for your prompt response. On the AES vs SPDIF recommendation, can you please elaborate as to why you recommend AES over SPDIF (you may have done so already so please simply point me to that thread if that is the case).

On a related topic, can yo used some light about Lumin’s roadmap related to room correction. Can we expect to see a way to download a Dirac Live profile into a Lumin streamer?

Thank you again for your support.



Thanks for your thought. You are asking the right question. I was an early adopter of the miniDSP and it was not Roon Ready at the time, and while it is starting to be ready since the end of last year, it is still not certified as you may know.

So I may have some hard choices to make…


A number of users reported they preferred AES output. You can try both and see which sounds better to you in your setup.

We have no room correction function, but Roon can do that.

If you have another Roon endpoint, you can try different connection topologies and see whether they sound different to you, and make your decisions accordingly.