U1 Mini display

I’m looking to replace my Aries streamer. The U1 mini looks like a leading contender. When it’s used as a Roon endpoint, what does the display show? does it show the artist / track name like in many of the product photos? (I ask because the Aries display is basically useless when its being used as a Roon endpoint).

For folks that have one, how reliable has it been? my Aries will randomly drop off the network and need to be rebooted.


To be specific, Lumin products implement the two-line front panel display model in compliance with Roon Ready requirements. In most cases it displays the title / artist when used as a Roon endpoint.

Note that Lumin products require a wired network connection.


I own an U1 mini since it came out in the Netherlands and absolutely love it. It sounds great and (perhaps even more important) it always works. I have never had any network or playback issues. If you are looking for a good and stable replacement, the U1 mini won’t dissappoint.


I’m beginning my third week of a U1 Mini trial and its been running 24x7 without a hiccup.


Lumin’a are inherently stable in use. All of their models share more-or-less the same firmware.
I’ve had two. I run an A1 now, and a D1 before that, and I really can’t remember a time when they let me down.


yes Aries’ display is mostly useless in Roon Ready mode (if not just a plain PITA, when it doesn’t get stuck altogether, if one is playing classical music “compositions” :roll_eyes: )

brought up the issue many times, over the years, at Auralic and… answer has always been: that’s all we can get from Roon
but… hey guys… sorry: the Lumin, instead, just works :wink:

so glad I ditched my Aries femto and bought a U1 Mini :slight_smile:


Just to close the loop on this one, I’ve had my U1 mini for a while now and have been super happy with it, great sound quality, great build quality, and rock solid reliability.


I just got the U1 Mini. How do you connect yours to DAC, what cable? USB?

Try both AES and USB to see which sounds better in your setup, but they must not be connected simultaneously.