Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Roon

My Imac is slowly starting to aging and it is time to looking forward for something new. Before the Imac, I was a linux user. I have used many distro’s, like Suse, Linspire, Kubuntu/Ubuntu.
So my question is, will Ubuntu or Kubuntu (I like the KDE desktop) be a good partner for Roon and what specs to look for smooth running.

@Cantodea Look here:

I use Debian 8 for my Roon Core and works just fine. You can see my specs on the google docs I posted.

You can’t use Linux as a core, only in server mode if I am not mistaken. You can still have Linux as your general PC but will need another device for control.

I’m running Roon Core on a Core i5-3570K (16GB memory) with Ubuntu Server 17.04 installed. Works perfectly.

Make sure whatever you buy has built-in gigabit Ethernet. Any modern desktop-class CPU will be more than enough, such as a Core i3-7100. My Core i5 is overkill, even processing DSD, but I had the machine lying doing nothing before I put Roon on it.

The core is the server. You mean you won’t get a GUI.

Just avoiding any confusion!