Ubuntu Linux - Raspberry Pi / Dac+Pro - Android - Mac - Squeezebox Boom - PiCorePlayer

Hi all, am on the trial, not sure if I’ll shell out for the cash yet, but it’s awesome to see SOMEONE doing something worthwhile with music. This is the part that’s been holding all the software back. Amarok for KDE / Linux got close a few years back and screwed it up. Plex.tv is also halfway there, but they’re not taking audio seriously enough.

It wasn’t hard to set up at all, though the Roon ‘easy’ installed didn’t work so I just did it manually.

Main thing I notice that Plex is leading on (though not performing at all well) is features for Mobile apps. They have sync capability and streaming outside of your network etc. The bit that I’ve been beating a drum for is syncing losslessly, I expect Roon will be the place that get’s that right eventually.

I look forward to seeing where this goes, don’t want my 14 days to be up!

Sync to multiple end points works much better with RAAT configured end points than other groupings that I have tried… YMMV

I’ll try it out, when I have some more time. It’s not that I’m exluding RAAT, it’s just that I already had squeezebox, which does support 24bit etc as is. And the kids can use airplay out of the box. I will try the Raspberry Pi image at some point.