UI alternative for boomers

I think the 1.8 app on iPad is beautiful.

My favorite controller is an iPad mini- it’s all there but not a two pound TV Dinner on my lap like a full iPad :slight_smile: For my 60+ eyes an alternate version of the page would be so great.

  • Increase the bottom banner height by stealing height off top, allowing for larger Play/Skip buttons, larger time numbers, larger volume numbers, and larger album/artist text.
  • Increase text size of lyrics and artist/album reviews.
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Good luck with that… it’s like pulling teeth just to get another color theme, and color themes are just a few number changes in a text file. It’s like painting the listening room a different color… just buy some paint, you’re all good.

A UI alternative is a full blown overhaul. That’d be like adding another wing onto the house for the listening room… you’re definitely going to need approvals, and contractors, and permits, and loans and the red tape bs… check please! table one.

Maybe not that severe- I’m not looking for any functional changes; all the plumbing would remain the same.

Wait a minute. A paint job is quickly done.

But the plumbing is at fault here. Nothing was done on that in five years! Give us a native iOS App that acts and behaves like one!

Thats what usually happens: you dont see it so you dont care about it. Until the whole house starts stinking :grimacing: