UI bug in Artist View/My Library (1.8/778/783/790)

Adding a Qobuz file from Discography is often missing from ‘Albums in my library’ when returning to the Artist View. It’s a refresh issue - navigating to the Home page confirms the album has been added. Clicking on the album and then on to the Artist corrects the issue.

Hey @Daren_Peacock,

Thanks so much for reporting this and going through all the steps. I was wondering, could you please also give us an example?

Thanks in advance :pray:

And, most importantly, apologies for taking this long to reply. I had hoped this wouldn’t happen, but, we’re still catching up on the open threads :pleading_face:

@rebeka @dylan

The problem described is the exception to the rule. But there’s a huge related bug in that adding a Qobuz version of an album already in my library (e.g. mp3) under Artist View it only completes if the number and tracks and album name match exactly. Selecting the ‘+’ adds the album without intervention.

However, if there’s a difference the add doesn’t complete [without fail] on the Artist Review page (the ‘+’ icon just spins forever). My workaround as been to wait for the ‘added to library’ banner to appear and disappear and then click the artist link and the album usually the can be seen; sometimes, as described in the post, it’s not there but is on the home page - this might have been fixed in B790 (re ‘missing’ albums), so will continue to observe.

Adding albums already in the library is a faff unless it’s an exact match. I’ve previously reported this issue here: Adding albums - bug (Roon 1.8/764/778/783) - #2 by dylan

It is also reported here: Can't add to library or heart after + (spins forever)

The behaviour is consistent across all devices (iOS, MacOS and Win 10).

I hope this is useful.