UI changes please, presets

I would really like to organise my own home screen. For example a row of buttons with presets, each preset could be allocated to a playlist or a radio station, it would make it much easier for the technically challenged in my family. The could use an iPads and easily switch to a favourite radio station or music list.


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I have to second this request. My GF has an iPad with Roon installed. For her, all I need is an Adele button. Hit it, it plays Adele. She refuses to learn how to operate Roon and find her music. Which right now, it’s all Adele, all the time. (Yeah, I know.)

Some interface customization that makes Roon simpler for other non-tech users would be nice.


GREAT idea. Being to customize the home screen with widgets, presets, etc and being able to reorganize would be very nice. Also I would like to increase or decrease the number of Featured Artists and Featured Composer. With all the space available, I dont understand why only 1 Featured Artists is displayed across the entire screen?

I just started using Roon last week and love it all except for one thing.
On the home screen Is there a way to go from the large artwork album covers to a list view? Like song name, artist, album, genre for example? I don’t like to always have to look at so much graphics after a day of work where that is what I do. It is more peaceful.
I haven’t found any way at all to customize it. Am I missing something?

I don’t think so. It is a design decision to not have list views (with the exception of tracks browser).