UI color is too bright

I have the same problem. It happened after upgrade to built 528 on my remote.
Win 8.1, Intel Atom CPU, Intel HD Graphics.
It looks like dimmed screen behind message window at front layer, but there is
no message window.

Hi @stork,

Can you share a screenshot or what you’re seeing?

Before this screen appears (after clicking on album list), I see proper picture, darker with higher resolution, for fraction of second.

It should look like this (from other remote).

Thanks for the screenshot, @stork.

Our technical team is investigating this and so I can ensure they have all of the data they need I was hoping you might be able to use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.


I made zip of my Logs, but I do not know how to send you link to the place where it is. My reply to your email was rejected.

Send it in a PM. Click @dylan’s icon and then Message.

If by email you mean the above post, you were probably rejected because you’re new and have reached a noob’s limit for forum posts. @dylan can override that.

Thank you for help.
I found PM from @dylan in my Messages and replied to it. I hope it will be delivered.
I do not have “Message” option after clicking icon.
By email I mean message send to my email address.

Hi @stork — Just wanted to let you know that I received the logs and have passed them along to the team for their ongoing investigation. Thanks for sending that over!

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