Ui control issues

is there any chance to have more then 8 albums on my ipad (ipad air2) while browsing albums? Or is there any chance to have something as a folder view?

Also instead of moving screen (albums) using movement from left to right and vice versa… is there any chance to re-configure that to use up/down (vice versa) movement?

Toggle Settings/General/Allow more covers and photos to Yes to increase the number of albums displayed.

Folder view has been ruled out for Roon as it is incompatible with the design goals.

It isn’t currently possible to choose between vertical or horizontal scrolling.

whats incopatible on folder view? im not saying it has to be a traditional folder view / but if there is a screen/ view where you can browse/see lines where each line is album/ etc… should be handy.

Is there any plan for vertical scrolling? Its been a long time and not so many features were added… etc…

There’s long discussions about both folder view and scrolling in threads in Feature Request. The Search icon (top right magnifying glass) will take you there.

That’s something different, if you have lib with thousands of cds it’s must. Otherwise it’s pretty messy… To browse that kind of collection using roon ui… Apart of that roon just holds its price but almost 0 changes are there… In terms of design /functionality etc…

Make sure to check out the Focus Tools. Click on each one to see their functionality. They enable much better interrogation and display of the library than a folder view in my opinion. Once you have a Focus view that you want to save, Bookmark it to access it again with one click.

I can’t agree. Check out the Software Release Notes for a complete list of changes since June 2015.