UI requests: Home button [Not On Roadmap]

I would like to have a button on the left-top of the UI (a Home button) which brings me straight back to the Overview page.


Isn’t the Menu just a big Home button with options ?

Perhaps a new keyboard shortcut like CTRL-O to return to the overview?


That is two clicks with some more mouse movements. A home button is far more straightforward.

Good suggestion. But since most of the things, on the computer, are done with a mouse a simple button next to the slices of bread would be great.

Two clicks…yeah, we don’t want to strain those fingers now do we? :smiley:

Hahaha. I knew that remark was coming! :wink: It is just something I use a lot and if you look at other interfaces it is not something exotic.

Too predictable. Someone had to do it :slight_smile:

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Just want to keep this feature alive. Even better yet, have an option to configure the default home screen. For me I typically will go to my artist list. I know its just 2 clicks but given how much I use Roon we are literally talking about seconds out of day! LOL! In all seriousness, this configurable home screen would be awesome.

Totally agree, also would like to see a home button on the top (preferably left side). It would make the user experience more fluid as opening the user menue and clicking e.g. album is not only one click more, but requires also looking up the list and clicking the correct entry. As there are probably many different preferences which page to jump to as ‘Home’, it would be great to have have the possibility to select the preferred site in the settings.

For now, you could also Bookmark the desired view. Two clicks as well, but slightly faster to tap/click.

For keyboard users: don’t forget about Tab-1 to Tab-9.

Thanks, Rene, for the Tab-Tip! Didn’t know that.

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some thoughts on why this will most likely not get done:

  • most browsers have moved away from the home button
  • the ui at the top is already getting busy (1.3 adds a filter icon up there)
  • the idea of overview as being home is strange too… i personally live in album browser as my ‘home’… we could make this configurable, but now this is just a shortcut button – essentially a 1 click bookmark.
  • we have bookmarks on top bar already

@danny Thanks for the response.

Not sure what browsers have to do with it, but if the navigation was more browser like we could left or right swipe to go back or forward. One of my other feature requests.

The bookmark feature also needs two clicks. Plus mouse navigation and selection.

Overview is chosen as “Home” by Roon. Making a “Home” button configurable would be great.

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