UI/UX question underlining elements of "recent" tab

What is the objective of the line below “added”?


Click on “Played” and you will see.

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Basically the “Added” summarizes any recent Albums you have added to your library, and as @Jim_F notes, “Played” shows the most recent Albums played on your Roon system, including Radio and tracks.

Played and Added can be interpreted as tabs. Added is currently the one you are viewing. Click played and that will get the line. Hence this is active selection in your view.

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Thank you for your kind replies and explanations, most of it i already understood :smile:
I actually meant it more as a user interface design question / remark
Not sure about yours but on my windows interface the line below “added” also shows when i select “played”. Maybe i better put this question in another category, is there a place to report bugs and little things like this?


Bram, appreciate the clarification to your question. On both my Mac Monterey and Windows 10 laptops, I have consistent behavior, where the line is below only what I selected (either Played or Added).

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Must be a platform thing, i have the problem only on my windows 11 workstation which i use mainly during the day when working … no issue on other devices.
Is there a place to report these kind of little issues? I have at least 5 other remarks and would be happy to contribute to a better product (for the rest of my life! hahaha)

Yes, you can send a support question into Roon on this forum, in the Support section.

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Submit the issue in the Support category of the forum, and fill out the template as fully as possible to describe your setup.

FWIW, I am not seeing your issue on my Windows 11 devices, so it must be something in your particular system - possibly related to the graphics hardware/software you have on your workstation.

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Thank you for the guidance Geoff ! Will submit it there.
I quickly checked on another windows 11 computer here and did not have the problem,
closing and opening Roon on the one with the issue solved it :slight_smile:

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Same behaviour on both macOS and Windows remote.

Yes, the underline shows the selected tab, but it does not show simultaneously when either the Played or Added is selected. I believe what you are seeing @Tor_Gunnar_Berland is the correct behavior.

I know :slight_smile:

You are not supposed to be able to select both.

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