UK BBC RADIO 2 no longer working

I have been listening to Radio 2 (The UK BBC Radio 2) regularly but since the new version of Roon, i get an error saying music failed to load. This must be a Roon new software issue as i can get it to work on Sonos using TuneIn radio

Hello @Richard_Buck, is it just BBC Radio 2? What about others? Can you try

Just to be sure, have you rebooted?

and what is your core running on?

Brian hi thanks for getting back
I have rebooted all my computers and Roon is running on a brand new Innous Mark III
I can get radio 2 to play on the lower data feed of 128kbs but the default stream of higher quality of 320kps will not work. Before the new Roon software - which i had to load today - the default stream worked fine
BBC Radio 4 works but for the first time ever on Roon there is not continuous play/gapless.

i do like the new look of the new software but its a shame i cant play my favourite radio!

No, it won’t. It’s a UK only stream, but because of a bug in Live Radio, I’ve had to take the geo-restriction flag off in order for UK people to play it. However, this doesn’t stop the stream being unavailable to non-UK listeners.

I’ll add a comment to the description explaining the situation.

I don’t follow this. It’s a radio stream, so no gaps?

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