UK BBC Radio problem

Roon Core Machine


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DrayTek Vigor 2860

Connected Audio Devices

Meridian system

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Description of Issue

I cannot get any of the BBC stations to run. I can access all my other stations and music but none of the many BBC ones. All that happens is it says “Started live radio” but I just get a blue light moving from side to side in the bar below and eventually the message “playback interrupted because a track failed to load” appears. As I mainly listen to BBC stations this very frustrating!

Hi - Working ok for me (well, Radio4 is) in the south of England).


Radio 3 playing fine for me in Canada

BBC 6 streaming fine here in the US. Have you rebooted your Nucleus or looked at the other 'Streams" options under My Live Radio for each BBC station?

All BBC radio stations work fine from Norway as well.

Streaming the BBC outside of the UK is probably not relevant here. Different streams are involved. Let’s wait for #support ?

The BBC radio streams move around so you could try deleting one and re-installing it. I’ve got Radio 2 and 4 playing fine in Birmingham (NUC with ROCK).

Thanks for all your responses. Robert, I did try rebooting my Nucleus when the issue first occurred but with no success. However, I’ve just tried it again after shutting down everything and this time it has worked, so problem solved.


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