Ukraine invasion

My thoughts are with the country of Ukraine.


Crazy times :broken_heart:

Had the BBC on all day at the office.

Hopefully this thread will not turn political.

Watching sky ,in house ol commons live now.

A sad day…

Sad indeed… but not here, please.


I fear that future historians, should they exist, will look upon today as the beginning of the end.

For anyone planning future equipment upgrades, don’t wait.

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Biden due to announce their sanctions shortly.

Many European governments and politicians were too gullible. The only one who made no secret of what he thought of Putin was President Joe Biden. A smart man with a lot of experience.

I deleted all my albums with the conductor Valery Gergiev, who is close to Putin. I have absolutely no desire to ever hear them again.



Saw on the news that the Ukrainians are putting up a fierce fight.

Much admiration.


Yes they voted in the right guy for the job President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a hero in the true sense of the word


The situation could be dire, and could be worst of the worst.

Quotes from the BBC:

“He’d never annex Crimea, surely?” He did.
“He’d never start a war in the Donbas.” He did.
“He’d never launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” He has.
I’ve concluded that the phrase “would never do” doesn’t apply to Vladimir Putin.

And that raises an uncomfortable question:
“He’d never press the nuclear button first. Would he?”

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Nearest to a nuclear war since 1961.
I was alive but only 1 at the time so not aware of the dangers.
Problem with Putin is he does not seem to be totally rational, which for someone with a finger on a nuclear arsenal is terrifiying.

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I’m afraid that, human nature being what it is, it’s only a matter of time before we destroy ourselves.

At least we can stop worrying about this -

I have my ripped CDs on a USB drive, but what about my vinyl?

All concerns of this forum have been put in perspective by the past few days.

Buy records. Digital and climate …….:joy:

Russia never delivered gaz to UK?

There’s a pipeline via the Netherlands to UK.

I believe there is an indirect link via the Netherlands to the UK.
Imports from Russia made up less than 4% of the total UK gas supply in 2021.

However, we are straying into details and rhetoric and away from the spirt of this topic …

My thoughts are with the people in the Ukraine.


We have a strong presence of Ukranian employees, and 1 Russian employee. None want this. At least one of our Ukrainian employees is now on the ground defending Kyiv. Some others have left the country, some are stuck, and some are refusing to move.

Everyone there and everywhere else needs this to end. Roon Labs condemns the invasion, no matter the history, reasoning, or what anyone would like to call it.

I personally have been to Ukraine many times in the last decade, and the country was doing great in recent years. Culturally strong, economically better, and modernizing rapidly. This whole thing is a shame.


Agreed. I don’t have a problem paying more for gas, electric, or any other short term fallout that comes from this insane situation. My thoughts are with the people and animals/pets that are helplessly caught up in this nightmare.


That was an excellent speech by President Joe Biden on the situation last night.

An overview from CNN

Of course, we too will have to pay a price. Above all, the purchase of our energy will become more expensive. But that is nothing compared to what the people of Ukraine have to endure. I hope and pray that they have the strength to resist this aggressor.

Hopefully, the fact that this world is not standing by and doing nothing will help them.