Ultra Rendu with Onboard Storage

Sonore are now supplying sD cards with on board storage. I think Roon will see this as network attached storage.

My question is how does Roon handle music from a NAS, meaning:

Does Roon pick up the files from the NAS, drag them over Ethernet to core and then pass them off, again over Ethernet, to the endpoint?

Or, does Roon tell the storage device to send files directly to the endpoint?


Yes. See also: https://roonlabs.com/howroonworks.html

By no means. The storage device doesn’t know anything about RAAT, DSP-settings (up- or down-sampling, EQ, …), timings (clocks), grouped zones, volume leveling, …

Okay thanks.
Don’t need the DSP.
mPD seems a nice simple option then.


The intent is the add local playback via MPD or LMS and not to be NAS for Roon.