UltraRendu arrived

I received my ultraRendu this morning and have had to disable Roon DSP. There is a static/cracking sound that immediately goes away when I disable DSP. What could be causing this?

What are your settings? (Screenshots)

I may have had a similar thing with internetradio, putting my zone in ‘exclusive’ mode fixed it. Somethings to do with the samplerates.

How do you put a zone in exclusive mode? I don’t see that

This is what I have under playback

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This doesn’t address your original problem, but I’m pretty sure that in the current version of Roon, there’s no Exclusive Mode control for devices in which exclusive mode is always on, which includes the microRendu and ultraRendu. See here:


Thank your for that. I thought I was missing something. I disabled Roon DSP and the uR sounds really good without it. Jesus has done a nice job with this unit for sure :wink:

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