ultraRendu OS upgrade (v. 2.8) fails to load

Small Green Computer has sent me 2 micro SD cards with the sonicOrbiter 2.8 upgrade. Both cards failed to load on my ultraRendu. The indicator on the device stays red (never goes to yellow or green). Yet, when I swap the original 2.7 card back in, it readily loads.

Anyone else experience something like this? Remedies?

Power supply is the UltraCap LPS 1.2 . I believe I’ve followed the upgrade instructions to the letter. But maybe there is some other order-of-operations that can get this to work?

Yes, I am facing the Exact same problem. Any solution?

You should head over to the SonicOrbiter forum on Audiophile Style. This has been a big topic of discussion over there all week. A very buggy release, it seems.

Two cards sent to me were cracked. Damaged in the mail.