ultraRendu PS: LPS-1 vs Sbooster 9V

I just got the ultraRendu/Sbooster bundle because with the Black Friday sale, the Sbooster only added $22 to the price. Of course I will try out the Sbooster, but I had intended to use the uR with an LPS-1 (currently I have on on backorder). I’m curious if now I should cancel my order and stick with the Sbooster. I’m wondering if anyone here has tried both supplies with the uR (or mR) and has any thoughts as to which one is better or if there is even much of a difference.

I bought a Sbooster for my ultraRendu before the Black Friday sale and have been very happy with it (for $308 more than you paid for it). I’ve never listened to the LPS-1, but I’d be surprised if you could hear the difference.