UltraRendu - safe to unplug and plug back in to reboot?

My uR has disappeared as an endpoint in Roon and although it shows up to manage on the my Sonicorbiter page, the settings page doesn’t display.

Am I safe to try a plug out and back in again reboot as the first port of call?



You should be fine. Anecdotally, I do this somewhat regularly with my microRendu and ultraRendu whenever I’m moving them around or messing with cable management. They seem to handle it gracefully.

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And it did the trick, just didn’t want to brick it in my first week!


the rendu can actually be shutdown before you power off. Via the web UI.

Yeah, but @Sloop_John_B said in his original post that the web UI wasn’t loading for him.

Whoops, silly me, I missed that not-so-small detail