ultraRendu won't work with DSPeaker AntiMode 2.0

I use a sonicTranspoerter and an ultraRendu, which has been connected to a Teac DAC and working fine. I purchased a DSPeaker to which I want to connect the ultraRendu to usb “in” and then output to the DAC via s/pdif. By doing this, I avoid having the DSPeaker’s DAC convert the signal – it just does the room adjustment with the digital signal and then outputs the result to the Teac, which performs the D/A conversion.

However, I can’t get the ultraRendo to recognize the DSPeaker at all – whether digital in/out or digital in - analog out (using the DSPeaker’s DAC).

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

First, this:
"✗ The Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core does not show up in USB
The unit will only act as a USB device when the USB audio input is selected, or when
you have selected the PC Link option from the Settings menu. In the former case you
will get standard USB Audio device (asynchronous mode) and human interface
device (some of the buttons in the remote controller are reported to PC when so
configured). In the former case you will get a USB Mass Storage device, i.e. a
removable disk. You do not need to install any drivers to use any of these devices."

Have you asked DSPeaker if they offer a compatible ASIO driver for the 2.0 and/or updated the 2019 firmware?

Thank you. I contacted DSPeaker, as you suggested. There are no ASIO drivers and I have the latest software. They said I have it set up correctly with USB in and homescreen set to USB. Sonore/Rendu haven’t located a fix, either.


Hi – I tried your suggestion. While the PC Link option showed as “connected” with the Rendu plugged into the USB input on the DSP, neither Sonore nor Roon could find the Rendu (on PC Link or USB input).

I spent a couple of hours yesterday online with Sonore, and they finally gave up.