Un merge the merged

Hi I have merged 2 albums of 4 discs each in one album of 8 ( in error ! )]is there a way to "unmerge them "

Trying so hard with the Metadata - so want to un install and revert to iTunes but pais 108 USD so I have to persevere

I have 17 Grand 12 Albums each of 4 discs - I have tagged them all correctly - Grand 12 inches 01 etc, all various artists , all with a Genre of Grand 12 inch, not all of them show

I have twice now uninstalled and re installed - not doing it again
life is too short

any ideas ?

Sorry I sound a little frustrated



Go to album, select 3 dot menu EDIT

Select Fix Track Grouping

Pick each disc in turn and Remove disc, Create Album (3 discs) then

Repeat x 3


Thanks Mike - Its gonna be a learning curve