Un-pick multiple tracks at once?

Since we don’t have a 5-star rating system for tracks, I decided I would try to use picks as part of my makeshift rating system. So tracks that are a pick and a favorite represent the best of the best, i.e., five stars.

Problem: I need to eliminate the tracks that are picked by Roon. I focused a search on picks that were also favorites and tagged them. Then I focused a search on picks and not that new tag. So now I have all the Roon picks isolated. (I’ll clean up the couple hundred favorites that are just Roon picks later.) How do I un-pick the picks from Roon’s metadata all in one go, please?

Within Tracks I can select multiple tracks (using right-click OR Ctrl-A, this is using Windows) then go into menu (…), Edit tracks, pick / un-pick

Hope this works

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Thanks for that.

I don’t know how I missed the “Edit Tracks” option; I thought all I had was “Track Options”

Good thing my eye doctor appointment is coming soon. :slight_smile:

You can also just add Star Ratings as a Tag.

Yeah, I wanted to get away from that. :sunglasses:

Heads up on this (and why I’m not as blind as I thought I was).

There seems to be a numerical limit to how many tracks you can edit at once. Originally I had over 1400 selected, and the “Edit Tracks” option was not available. I only had “Track Options” and “Metadata Preference”.

I broke it up into a selection of 800+, and then separately one of 600+, and I was able to edit all the tracks in each of those groups without issue. I suppose the track limit is near 1000?

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