Unable to Access Roon App after Subscription Renewal (ref#JH7G5V)

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Installation or Setup

Description of Issue

I suscribe a free trial two months ago but I quit. Today I subscribed for a months : I did the process with my credit card but for the following : loading Roon applies : nothing is proposed to me .!!! (I downloaded Roon apply few weeks ago). How can I do ?

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

Mac mini end of 2012, Mac OS CATALINA 16 RAM

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet (Box to Mac mini) USB (Dac to Amplifier (Activ monitors : Kali in 8)

Home Network Details

Ethernet from box network to Mac mini and Usb from Mac mini to Dac


@thierry.demaillard1 it is unclear what the issue is from your post. It would be really helpful if you could provide more details. For example, is the issue signing up or signing in to Roon? Screenshots are often useful.

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