Unable to Access Roon Nucleus Web Display with Roon App on iPad (ref#58RFRU)

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I just acquired roon nucleus one. I am not able to get the web display to work. I use the roon app on my ipad with the nucleus one setup as roon core. I stream using a lumin streamer to my stereo. I use google chrome on my pc which is connected to my tv. However when i type in the web display url, i get url not found error.

Describe your network setup

netgear c6300 modem/router

In the screenshot above, you have entered the URL incorrectly. It should be :

Note the colon between the last quad of the ip address (88) and the port to connect on (9330).

You used a point ( which will be interpreted as part of the ip address making the ip address invalid.


Many thanks, that worked.

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