Unable to Access Roon on macOS with Connected Audio Devices (ref#3BJQOF)

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I can’t get in

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Mac mini 2014 Roon only computer highest specs from that year I have been using it over a year

Connected Audio Devices

7 different systems all Roon ready to much to list

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Welcome to the forum, John!

Are you saying that you cannot access your Roon account via Safari?

It looks as though - maybe - Safari could be adding some parameters, maybe from a cache of earlier attempts. Do you get the same thing when you make sure to press Return immediately after ‘https://account.roon.app’ and exclude the ‘94af1b…’ etc login argument?

Have you ever been able to do log in like this?

Can you launch and run the Roon application itself?

Which versions of Roon (the latest is 2.0 build 1357, which requires macOS Catalina (10.15) or later) and macOS (presumably nothing later than Monterey (12.0) on your 2014 Mac Mini) are you running?


Hi @John_Bame,

In addition to the helpful suggestions @Mark_Sealey shared above, I would verify that RoonServer and Roon are approved processes in the Privacy & Security tab of your System Settings in the Mac.

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