Unable to access Roon with Firmware

Following an update I can no longer access Roon on my TS-653 Pro

Firmware version

Roon server V2021-10-03 (digital server orange ! icon warning)

Recent history. My Roon server needed updating after reconfiguring my network. I had access to my music database. Upon doing a firmware update on my QNAP I lost access to Roon.

If anybody can help I would be very grateful. I’ve done some searching but unable to find a similar problem.

Thank you

What do you mean by this? Screen dump, please…

see above


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You have other apps on your QNAP that exhibit the same issue? Is this a firewall issue, root-cert check that fails?
But Roon doesn’t start? You only get the pulsating logon in your client?

I tried turning off my security and re-loaded Roon but it still can’t find the core.

What do you see if you click the Roon “Open”-button in QNAP - My Apps?

" Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server."


Maybe information from the thread below can help?

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