Unable to access TIDAL through Roon

For the past two days, when I start up Roon, I get the message “You aren’t currently signed into TIDAL.” I then click the box that says “TIDAL Settings.” I then enter my TIDAL account user name and password. I then get the message “Bad user name or password.”

I’ve been using Roon for several months. This has not happened before. I am able to access TIDAL directly through the TIDAL app. So, TIDAL recognizes me, except when I try to access through Roon. Any suggestions?

Hi @DavidE,
I’d suggest rebooting your Roon Core (I’ve known that help others) if that does not work try logging out of Tidal in Roon and then back in.

Yay. Thank you.

That’s a variation on my 79-year-old mom’s solution to all computer problems. Unplug the computer and plug it back in. Solves 90% of all problems.

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This TV series has a lot of home truths … check out this compendium … :rofl: