Unable to add images by dragging

I have recently noticed that I am unable to change an album’s cover art by dragging and dropping. I know how to do it, but when I drag an image into the window, instead of adding it I just get the circle with a line through it symbol (meaning I cannot do it). Not sure if this is since upgrading to Windows 10, or something else. I can do it however by navigating to the folder from within Roon and then selecting the cover there.

FYI I dragged and dropped images tonight with windows 10 no problem but I can’t help diagnose any further.

I was never able to drag and drop images. Instead I click on the drop field and roon opens the folder dialog and I choose the art in that way as you would like normal double click. I am on Windows 7.

That’s how you do it, click the field and drag art from the relevant folder. Close folder window and save.

I tried this in OS-X and very bad things happened. It looks like to crashed the GUI.

As a note, picking up front.jpg or cover.jpg, etc. from the albums folder would be a nice addition.

Some lingering weirdness…