Unable to add music storage folder from btrfs drives

Core Machine

Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (build 19042.631), Ryzen 7 2700X, 32GB DDR4, music library located on a Samsung 970 Evo NVMe with btrfs file system

Network Details

Really should not matter in this case

Audio Devices

Doesn’t matter either

Library Size

4,615 tracks, ~144GB

Description of Issue

When trying to add my music library from a btrfs-partitioned SSD, I get the following error: “Error loading folder, Unauthorized”.

The drive is displayed on the left, but no files, folders etc. are read and only the above error text is displayed; see attached screenshot.

The problem can be circumvented by setting up a network share of the music library in Windows and letting Roon access the files via this share. Suboptimal nevertheless.
I think the file system is the problem as Roon has no problems accessing my NTFS disks.

And no, I’m not going to repartition my SSD for this.

The drivers used can be found on this GitHub repo: GitHub - maharmstone/btrfs: WinBtrfs - an open-source btrfs driver for Windows

Every other software had no trouble accessing it.

If this is too minor of a problem, or a fix would be too costly, given that no one else uses btrfs for this, I don’t have a big problem without a fix either.

Hello @Pascal_Puffke,

Thank you very much for sharing the context you find yourself in. We appreciate the details and the screenshots.

I do want to start by apologizing for the delay in replying…

To help with possible solutions to this, I’ve looped in our technical team. They’d be able to share a more specific insight about this :nerd:

Sorry for the long delay here, @Pascal_Puffke

I checked with our QA team on this. We’ve never tested with btrfs in-house, and I’m not sure that it’s not something we traditionally support. If you’re still seeing issues, I’d be happy to take a logs from your install to see if we can get some more information here. Please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).

Also, can you share some information about the permissions settings for the drive? Thanks!

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