Unable to assign a background picture on Genus header

Moon DAC, MuSo, iPad

Description Of Issue

I want to assign or change background pictures to my genus groups that do not have one or have the wrong one. For example, my genus “Family” consists of personal family recordings, but Roon has assigned the genus a picture of the rock group Family; I’d like to change that picture to something else. “Holidays” genus has a Christmas picture, but the genus “Hanukkah” has no picture at all, just rectangular black behind the genus name. I’ve tried copy/paste, but this does not work, and I’ve been unable to find anything that allows me to import a picture.

Hi @Michael_Cohen,

Just to clarify, are you wanting to change the image displayed for a genre on the Genre browser? If so, that is not currently possible.

If I’m incorrect about what you’re trying to change, can you share a screenshot of the area you want to update the art for?


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