Unable to boot with RPI 3 A+


As the headline says I’m unable to boot RoPieee on RPi 3 A+. No activity on green led, only red. Seems to be broader issue as only DietPi and Raspbian boot up…

Are you internet connected when you try?

Its takes a while…depending on the Pi … but if you can hook up an HDMI monitor/yv you should see what is happening in the boot up

Yes I’m connected and RPi 3B boots up beatifully with the same image. Nothing on screen as A+ dont recognize the image. Same thing happens with HifiBerrys Roon client.

Ps. I have tested it with three different cards which all work in 3 B+

Yeah this is the latest device from Raspberry.

I don’t have the device so I can’t test this. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

ok, i think i know. i’f i create a build for you are you willing to test @Kai_Vilonen?

OK just to inform you that something has changed, even if RPi.org does not inform what. I still have my 3 B+ which works beatifully!

@Kai_Vilonen can you try with this image: http://image.ropieee.org/20190112-ropieee-ose-beta.bin

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Yes please I can certainly test it if you are kind to compile a test version!

Uh… see my previous message. it’s already there.

OK now it boots like a champ!! Thanks for your time and effort!

@Kai_Vilonen sorry mate…I see now this a new device…sounds like Harry has it sorted any how so that’s good.

Question for OP on this one… How did you get to a point where you could configure wifi, given the 3 A+ board has no ethernet on it?

I have a similar board coming that I wanted to play with, but realised that I don’t know how i’m going to configure it.

possibly a question for @spockfish

Hi David,

This device is not supported by RoPieee as it does not have an ethernet port (which RoPieee requires).


Hi there, didn’t the user above just say they got it working though?

Hi there!

I was using a USB to Ethernet adapter during initial setup :slightly_smiling_face:

regards Kai

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Thanks… I have one of them spare so may try using that.

Hi, with the latest image ropieee_ose_pi3-2022.8.1-stable.20220814.521.bin I can’t boot my rpi 3 A+ again.

I tired with two different rpi 3 A+'s ones with the same issue:

*Failed to load '/bcm2837-rpi-3-a-plus.dtb'*

@spockfish Thoughts?

I thought my rpi was fragged at 1st but Pi OS loads fine on both.


Hi @George_Warren ,

Give me an hour or so: I’m building an image for you to test.
I’ll let you know when it’s ready.