Unable to Connect Roon Remote to Nucleus

@support This is a brand new nucleus install. Everything is connected (Ethernet, USB Drive, HDMI to Receiver…) The first time I downloaded Remote app (ipad) all appeared to be going well, I connected to the Nucleus, it saw all of my end points, I activated the AV receiver and a Sonos Speaker and then clicked on done. The Roon Remote app then went blank and never came back. Also I do see the Server information on my TV screen going through the receiver.

I then tried restarting the Nucleus, no change, I logged into to Nucleus web page and all looked well there.

I then tried downloading Roon Remote to my android phone and tried to access the server, it once again sees the server but this time it said someone else is logged in and I can’t have two logins at the same time.

I went back after restarting my ipad and tried Roon Remote again and now the ipad is also showing that another account is active and I can’t login. It appears the roon server thinks an account is logged in but that is not the case. I’ve powered off the server for now hoping the active account will time out.

So now I’m stuck I can’t login in and connect to the Nucleus at all so I can copy my music to the internal hard drive I added.

There is a section there on the Nucleus web page for Roon Server Software with a version number and build number. What are the numbers?

If it does not say “version 2.0 (build 1234)” but a (much) lower build number (1143 or something like this is usually the case for a new Nucleus), click the Reinstall button in the other section for Operating System. This is a completely safe operation that will both reinstall and (if necessary) update the operating system and trigger an update of the Roon Server Software version to the latest one as well.

(From the updating Nucleus help page)

Normally, the remote would ask you to update a new Nucleus via the remote first thing after startup. Unfortunately, current remote versions have issues with the default Roon Server Software version on a new Nucleus and either crash or behave weirdly, so you need to update the Nucleus from the web admin page first.

(Roon know and said that they are looking for a solution)

Check for the update first as described above. If it still shows the other login active, there should also be a button there saying “Unauthorize”. Click it and it will unauthorized that other login that it thinks is there. Then you should be able to log in again.

I did the reinstall and it upgraded to version 1234, I then unauthorized the Nucleus in the remote app and all began working as expected. Thanks for the help.

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