Unable to Connect Roon to Denon DRA-800h

Computer - 2019 MacMini - Catalina

Ethernet Connection via older Netgear Router

Denon-DRA-800H, works fine with Internet Radio over same ethernet connection

Description Of Issue

I am not able to connect Roon to my Denon-DRA-800H. Roon appears to work fine playing music on the MacMini. It discovered all my music files and plays them over directly connected speakers.
The Denon Receiver works fine playing Comcast, Netflix and Internet Radio. Using the Setup Function on Denon shows that the device thinks it is connected to the network. Roon software does not show Denon device as an option for sound output.

It is roon tested for connect via airplay so should work. Have you got it plugged in with an ethernet cable or trying via wireless. Another user seemed only to get it working when plugged in.

I have it connected via Ethernet. Internet Radio works, so I know it is connected to some degree. The Denon Network diagnostics says it can see the internet and that it is connected to one router. There are both a router and ethernet switch between the Mac and the Denon. I don’t think the switch should be a problem. Any other ideas?


what does your roon Settings, Audio screen look like?
like this

It looks like the attached.

It might be nothing but switch off squeezebox support

Hello @Griff_Freeman,

If you open “System Preferences” on your Mac and head to the “Sound” settings, do you see the Denon as an option under the “Output” tab?

It’s possible that you have some sort of firewall that is preventing the Mac mini from seeing the Denon on the network. Check that you do not have any firewall software enabled on the Mac mini, it can often be found as an option in anti-virus software.


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I was getting stuck as i don’t have any apple expertise.

John, The Denon does not appear as a possible Output device in the Sound Preferences. I have the Mac Firewall turned off.

Hmmm if the Mac can’t see it then roon can’t either.
Can you see what IP addresses are in use by the Mac and the Denon. Either through your router or using an app like Fing.

Ged, I knew that I had an ethernet switch between my router and the Denon. I also could tell that I wasn’t seeing anything past the switch. I power cycled the switch and we are up and running. Now I need to figure out how to import iTunes playlists into Roon and connect HEOS to Alexa. I know there are instructions for both somewhere, so wish me luck. As one last question: Do you know anything about Roon support for Logitech devices? I have a Transporter which is one of two devices that don’t seem to be supported. I would love it if I could get that running again, although with the Denon working I don’t absolutely need it.

Thanks again,

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There is documentation for that too: Squeezebox Setup.

Enjoy your new setup.

And iTunes. Don’t ask me for help I left this behind a decade ago.

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