Unable to connect to NAS since upgrade to 2.6 on sT


@agillis i upgraded to 2.6 on my sT i7 a few days ago and since then i have not been able to get Roon to connect to my Synology. Roon shows “This drive is not available” even though i can still connect to the drive and directory form my computer.

This is impacting my music folder and my backup folders (which are both on the same NAS). I tried defining a new storage location on the NAS but that did not work either.

Software Versions:

  • The Synology DSM version is “DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1”, in case it makes a difference.
  • I have Roon Server v1.4 (build 310) installed on the sT.
  • I have tried looking for further SonicOS updates but i seem to be running the latest iteration of 2.6

Does this sound like an sT/SonicOS problem or should i escalate it to Roon support?


(Andrew Gillis) #2

I emailed you.


thank you for your help solving this!


I have the same issue, unable to connect to the ST from Mac after update.


I too had this issue after the 2.6 update, but @agillis addressed it quickly through a remote session. He is always quick to reply with help, in my experience.


this does not sound like it is the same issue i had. in my case roon on sT was not able to connect to my NAS storage. i did not have problems accessing the sT though.

(Andrew Gillis) #7

If anybody has any problems with a Small Green Computer product please go to our home page and click “contact us” in the lower right. We will help you as quickly as possible.


I cannot connect to the internal HD, ST is visible on the network.

Any suggestions welcome.


Thx, will do!

(Steve Lyde) #10

I’m having the same problems as the original poster, Roon no longer connects to Synology NAS. I have emailed you Andrew, hope you can get to me soon.

(Alain Robillard-Bastien) #11

Same thing here! The NAS is visible, works perfectly, but Roon cannot connect to it anymore… I will contact Small Green Computer right away.

(Alain Robillard-Bastien) #12

Problem solved with a solution suggested in the thread “Roon DNS cache problem after STi5 upgrade to 2.6” - @agillis you can ignore my previous message! :slight_smile: (Adding .local after the NAS name - simple as that.)

(Andrew Gillis) #13

Good to hear you have it working.

(Ross Frank) #14

have had the same problem for 3 days now. I have tried every permutation of the ip and smb addresses, including the addition of .local. I simply get “drive not available”, or “Error loading folder - not available”. I can see and access the NAS form any other device.

SonicTransporter i7, Drobo5N NAS.