Unable to connect to Nucleus after failed Roon 2.0 upgrade

Roon Core Machine

bricked the Nucleus trying to upgrade Core to v2.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

wired ethernet connection

I am no longer able to find the Core after failed attempt to upgrade the Core OS to v2.0. Please send instructions on how to factory reset the Nucleus with a wired keyboard/mouse as the Nucleus device is no longer seen on the network.

Here are the instructions to reset the network address on the Nucleus, but I’m not sure that these will do what you want. Please let us know what you see on the TV/monitor attached to the Nucleus’s HDMI connection.

I see a Roon logo with two tiny boxes in the upper right-hand corner labeled “Setup” and “BootList” – see attached photos of what I am seeing via the HDMI connection which is attached to my Yamaha receiver.

If it is easier for me to send the device back to Roon Labs to be factory reset and the OS to be properly upgraded to v2.0, I’d be happy to do that as well. Please send me an RMA and shipping label if that is deemed the best idea. Thanks.

The screenshots are certainly indicative of a hardware problem. I assume that the Nucleus is still within the 2-year warranty period? Did you purchase it from a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

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Yes, I ordered the Nucleus from Roon Labs directly in April 2022 (Order 1653) so it is still under warranty. Can you send me an RMA and shipping label? I have and can ship back the original box.

I am tagging @support for you directly. The Roon support staff will be contacting you on the returns procedure.

Hello @Chris_Calavitta ,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. Unfortunately, those screenshots are indicative of a failing SSD. I will follow up with you via private message to gather shipping details, thanks!


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