Unable to connect to Nucleus, it does have an IP on my subnet

A customer of mine lost access to his Nucleus during / after an update.

The Nucleus does get an IP from his router. (We confirmed it in his Router’s Web Admin) We can ping that IP (only while the Nucleus is powered on, so I’m quite certain it is the correct IP). We cannot pull up the web interface on the nucleus, nor can we ssh into it (not sure if that’s typically a valid connection)

Where do we go from here?



I would put a monitor on it.
It should give more input to go with.
I believe it has HDMI output.
weird though.

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Hey @Kevin_Welsh,

Thanks a whole lot for letting us know. Just as @MamaTried said, would you be able to share a photo of what’s displayed on a TV / external monitor connected to the Nucleus via HDMI?

Many thanks :pray:

Many thanks… I’ll post the results as soon as I get them.


I’ve reached back out to the customer… expecting screenshots this weekend.

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