Unable to connect to ROCK on 1.7

Hi @noris the problem has reappeared. Whatever is going on comes back and I lose the connections. The NUC gets really hot. My guess is Roon overworking on a process. I have removed the Metric folder and it’s contents. Is this a problem with MP4 files?

Removing the Metric folder allows me to reconnect after a reboot. Hopefully this problem won’t just move the next M4A file in another folder

Hi @Watchdog507,

I am looking at the new diagnostics from your ROCK and removing the Metric folder was a good call, looks like there were some other problematic files in there, specifically:
/main music/Metric/Synthetica/10 The Wanderlust.m4a.

If the issue is resolved afterwards, please send me this file as well, thanks!

@noris This is frustrating it has stopped again. It seems to have moved on to another file and has stopped responding. 1.6 had no problem with my files.

I’m just going out for the rest of the night. If you haven’t found a log I will try again tomorrow thanks. I’m turning the NUC off it’s getting hot

Hi @Watchdog507,

I can certainly take another look tomorrow, please provide a new set after you have removed the Metic folder. Thank you.

@noris the Metric folder is long gone. The problem has just moved to more files as I feared. I’m reluctant to leave the NUC running because the ROCK processes makes it over heat. Is there an approximate time Eastern time that I can boot it up for you to get a log. This is making it impossible to enjoy music unfortunately and that is it’s purpose.

Hi @Watchdog507,

If you want, you can manually send me logs by using these instructions. That way you don’t have to wait for feedback on my end and can grab a log set and power it down (if the heat is an issue).


Hello Noris, i can see the ROON nework folder but i can’t access it

it’s asking me for log in credentials and I’m not sure what they are.

The device is on if you wan to access it.

Please let me now once you’ve downloaded the log?

It’s getting very hot

@noris I’ve shut down my NAS since the problems reside with accessing my music files hopefully you will have a fix that you can implement shortly ROCK is fine without the files on the NAS 1.6 had no problem with files on NAS

Hi @Watchdog507,

I can confirm logs have been received, I’ll take a look at them in a bit.

I would try connecting as guest with both user and pass being “guest”.

This is a good test, would be good to know if the behavior still occurs with the NAS powered off. I suspect it’s the media files that are causing analysis to hang, but do let me know if you are able to consistently reconnect with the NAS turned off.

I shut down NAS and connection were back albeit slower I’ve rebooted NAS and it’s playing files. I just ripped an SACD ROON is having a issue with real time monitoring news files I can see the new rip on NAS but ROON isn’t seeing it

@Watchdog507 - Problematic media is:
/main music/Land of Talk/Some Are Lakes/10 Troubled.m4a

I would move the entire folder out just in case and request that one file from you. Thanks!

It’s uploaded as a compressed file:

Live It Out.7z

It appears that I sent the wrong folder. It’s now uploaded:

Live It Out.7z

The common theme is .M4A files

Hi @Watchdog507,

Thanks for sending that over, I have added that track as well to the QA report. Please let me know if there are any further issues, thanks!

I’ve removed the folders that contained the problematic files. I also scanned the music library and removed some orphan files that had no place being there. I’ve also rebooted my NAS twice as QNAP rolled out a major update recently. i also rescanned the music database 2 times. It’s been almost 8 hours of music so it’s working as it should.

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Hi @Watchdog507,

Glad to hear that the issues are now resolved! Apologies it took a bit of time to identify all the problematic files. If you have any further issues do feel free to reach out once more, thank you again for your assistance into debugging the issue!

@noris The problem is reoccurring. Unplugging the NAS preventS ROON from accessing whatever M4A file it has now moved on too. This isn’t a problem with the files there seems to be a bug causing this. Hopefully your wizards can remedy this soon is there a ticket addressing this problem?