Unable to connect to Roon Core (Nucleus)

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (rev B) SN: 54B2039B393B
Roon Version 1.8 (build 898)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected to STC router

Description of Issue

I am unable to connect to my Roon Nucleus as it is no longer being detected so believe it is faulty, the network light was flashing but Roon or network scanners could not detect. I have moved my core back to my iMAC , but would like to know how to send Nucleus for service/repair:

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 15.38.59

Can you reach the Nucleus by its web gui?
Can you connect a monitor to it via its hdmi port to see what. if anything, is displayed when you boot it up?

Tried connected to TV via hdmi and it says no signal

Now it as come up with a screen with ROON in centre and small message setup|bootlist in top right corner

Can you post a screenshot of that message?

Now it has come up with message “A bootable device has not been detected”

Restarted again and now it has more meaning stating access address - looks like it might be on the mend:)

Now have error saving settings:

Click the database reset button, see what occurs.

All this points to a failing M.2 SSD inside the Nucleus. You should contact the vendor and send it in for repair. If you bought it from Roon themselves, @support is monitoring these threads and will contact you.


Hey @Adrian_Howell,

We’re so sorry this is happening with your Nucleus :pensive:

Both @AceRimmer and @Nepherte pointed you in the right direction (thank you both :pray:)

All signs point to an SSD failure and the Nucleus probably needs repairs. Have you purchased the Nucleus from Roon directly, or a local dealer?

Hi Beka

Many thanks for your reply, I have been in contact with the UK supplier Ripcaster and am waiting their response, see attached:

<Re/ Order #33912 confirmed.eml>

I was surprised to see an SSD failure after such a short time. Is this a rare occurrence or are you changing SSD supplier?

I purchased the nucleus from the UK, our main residence, but the nucleus in currently with me in Saudi Arabia so not sure of the best way to return for repair.

I am flying back to UK in March and can return to Ripcaster , but would prefer to courier direct to/from states from Saudi if possible?

With regards


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Hey @Adrian_Howell,

Thank you very much for keeping us in the loop :pray:

I’ve been in touch with our RMA team to find out more about repairing your unit. Since warranty only applies in the country where the Nucleus was purchased, it is very likely that the Nucleus will have to be returned to the UK. The local dealer there should be able to help and, if needed, connect with the local distributor to resolve this.

We’re here if we can help with anything at all :relieved:

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