"Unable to Connect to Roon Core" (ref#WFFWP8)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

I do not get in contact with Roon. I have used it for som years now, and now and then i have problems to get in, but today it is completely impossible. On the screen of my laptop it says: Waiting for your Roon Core…

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

LENOVO Think Pad

Connected Audio Devices

A cat 6 connectes streamer PRIMARE NT5. From there cat 6 connected to ELECTROCOMPANIET ECI 6. From there cableconnected speakers

Home Network Details

A router fra ALTIBOX cableconnected with Cat 6 cable to a HUB

Does it say Roon Core or Roon Server?



It saus Roon server, og course. Thank you

And what happens if you click “Select a different Roon Server”? It may resolve the glitch and show you the server you want to connect to.