Unable to Connect to Roon Core with new router

I have a modem/router as the starting point of my network. This hasn’t changed. Further up the network I had an Apple Extreme router set in bridge mode. I had no problem with this set up accessing my Roon Core wirelessly on the Apple even though the computer with Roon core is directly attached to the modem/router…

I have now switched to a Linksys router which is not set in bridge mode so as to not lose certain functionality. It is behaving now as 2 distinctly different networks as I no longer can access Roon core wirelessly when on the new Linksys router, but only when connected to wirelessly to the modem/router.

My home automation software and dvr cameras seem to be working fine on either network. Only the Roon Core seems to be having the problem. What can I do?

Did you set up the new router as a repeater or as an extender?

Assuming that both are in the same subnet, are you using the same SSID in both routers?

I’ve never used the Apple router but I’m guessing if you put it in bridge mode then it’s acting as nothing more than an access point, correct?

It is set up as auto config dhcp. There are options for bridge mode, wireless repeater and wireless bridge. I am not sure if they are on the same subnet (how to check?). They have different SSIDs.

The bridge mode has options for 1) obtain an IPv4 automatically (DHCP); and 2) Specify an IPv4 address.

Is the Extreme connected to the Linksys via cable or wifi?

No more Extreme. Replaced by Linksys.

How do you have 2 networks if you’ve just got the Linksys (no more Extreme) providing DHCP/NAT duty? By two networks do you mean two ssid’s?

Is this your current network?

Internet > Modem > Linksys router > LAN wired/wireless

This is why Roon does not work. It needs to be in bridge mode if you already have another router before it. Why is it not set in bridge mode as your Apple Extreme was?

Exactly this. Either you need to setup your router/modem as a bridge device or your new Linksys router. But only one needs to be set up as a router if you want to keep things simple and have devices being able to communicate with each other on the same subnet.

Ok I’ll switch to bridge. Should both the modem/router and the new router have the same SSID name or mor necessarily?

Hi @Alan_Caro1,

Switching to bridge mode as suggested above should get things working for you here. For Roon it is important that your devices are all on the same subnet. Once things are on the same subnet let us know if you’re still having any issues!

This is up to you, Two SSIDs will give you a choice to which wifi device you want to use. The same SSID on both requires that the two units can agree (co-operate) on coverage in the areas that overlap. You should also make sure the DHCP service on the Linksys is disabled.

Ok. The screenshot shows you my bridge options. The first obtains the IPv4 (DHCP) automatically. Based on your comment, I assume that I should select the second option to specify. What do I fill out here? Do I only fill out the first three rows? The IP address of the Linksys router is Thanks

Ok. I have 2 options for bridge mode. The first says “obtain the IPv4 (DHCP) automatically”. Based on your comment, I assume that I should select the second option which says “specify the IPv4” and is asking for more info such as Internet IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS 1. How do I get this info? Thanks

Let the Linksys obtain IP (IPv4 automatically) from your modem/router. This is easier than setting a fixed IP on it and it will most likely turn off the DHCP server in the Linksys. The Linksys is now a DHCP client on your ‘old’ network. I suppose the reason for buying the Linksys was to get better and more modern wifi coverage? Then it is a good idea to use a separate (new) SSID for the Linksys wifi.

Thanks. I’ll try that and see how it goes. I don’t understand why I can access my home automation (Insteon) and dvr cameras which are attached to the modem/router from the Linksys, but can’t access the Roon Core in a similar manner with my current setup. All three are attached by ethernet to the modem/router.

That is because the Linksys in router mode creates a L3 (layer 3) router interface between your ‘old’ and new networks. Roon does not support traversing routers to other networks, while your other devices do.

Thanks for the explanation.

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