Unable to connect to Roon Nucleus+ after update using Windows remote

Roon Core Machine

Core on Roon Nucleus+, Client on Window 11, Intel i7-1165G7, 16GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus AX3000, wired connect to roon Nucleus+

Connected Audio Devices

Wired connection to HUB, then connect to router

Number of Tracks in Library

cant remember

Description of Issue

After select update today, cannot find roon nucleus again, Have tried hard reboot as well

So how does this work if your core is on windows? What is the nucleus doing…

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Hi @Tony_Wu ,

Are you able to access the Nucleus Web UI? If you try to connect the HDMI output from the Nucleus to a TV or monitor and switch the input to it, what do you see listed there?

Sorry i mis-understood. I’m running core on Roon Nucleus+ machine, and Roon client is on my PC Window 11 i7.

after connect using HDMI and Keyboard directly to Roon Nucleus +. My monitor remained blackout, and it’s not showing anything after power on.

It might be worth reseating the ram and ssd inside the nucleus

After left Roon nucleus+ on for overnight, i’m still unable to connect through any roon clients apps. And still unable to see anything from connection via HDMI.

The machine seems to run hotter. I’m not sure what was in that latest update, but it’s definitely not normal (it was all running OK before i pressed the update all button).

I will be sending Roon nucleus+ back to local retailer and see if they can help me. this machine was just 8 month old.

It’s not a problem with the Nucleus - the latest update seems to have issues. I had the same thing happen on my windows NUC. I downloaded Roon reran the install program.

unfortunatly i wasn’t able to connect to Nucleus at all (or dont know how to, since monitor not showing anything when connected directly to HDMI too).

Hopefully, local retailer can help me out on this.

Hi @Tony_Wu ,

Was your local retailer able to resolve this issue for you? If you need further assistance with this, please just let us know, thanks!

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