Unable to connect to Roon OS Web UI on NUC10

Feeling encouraged by others here I decided to try and set up a Roon Rock using a new bare-bones NUC10.
Enabled Legacy Boot.
Installed Roon Rock.

Cannot connect to Roon OS Web UI. Looks like it is not being seen by router?

I would be grateful for any advice.

yeah, 169.254 are APIPA addresses, self-assigned by the network stack when it is unable to reach a DHCP server. This implies that your Rock does not have connectivity to your router. Are you connected via Ethernet? Do you have a link light?

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I connected the Rock directly to the router (Virgin Hub) with a Cat6 cable.

The router is DHCP enabled

Not sure what the pic is supposed to show us.

Try a different cable, pref cat 5e, and a then different port on the router.


My apologies, I’m new to this. Was trying to show that I had followed Roon’s instructions regarding setting the bios on a NUC10.

The link light on the router/switch flickers as normal on connection with any cable to any port on router or switch. Still getting same error message on re-booting.

I suspect that I have done something wrong with the bios, but don’t know what.

The only thing I can think of, off the top o’ the head, is if you turned the Ethernet port OFF in the BIOS. Otherwise, probably not.

The situation is that the NUC is looking for the router for an IP address and is not getting one. There can be several reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. The cable is bad
  2. The port on the router is bad
  3. The physical port on the NUC is bad
  4. The router has a setup issue itself and is not providing an IP address

(In checking the above, you should do one at a time and test. Verify the cable is UTP, or a not shielded cable).

You can try this as a first step and reset RoonOS network by

  1. Connect a Monitor/USB keyboard to the NUC (which I think you’ve already done)
  2. Press ENTER
  3. Type resetnetwork
  4. Press ENTER
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If you access your router’s admin page does it list the NUC as a connected device with a valid IP address?

Thank you so much.
I swapped cables and ports, then re-booted the modem/ router and the network switch.
All working perfectly now.

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