Unable to connect to Roon through some devices


I am unable to connect to my Nucleus+ using my iPad, iPhone or Macbook Pro. However, I am being able to connect using my iMac!!!
I have tired rebooting my devices, rebooting the Nucleus+, but the problem persists.

Just to add, I am being able to see the Nucleus+ on the network using the devices that cannot connect to the Remote Core. Just that it is unable to connect.

Solved the problem…Thanks

Care to enlighten us on the fix?

For some odd reason, had to click on choose a different core and then click on the same core once it showed up as an option. Had to do this on each of my devices which could not connect to the core

Hmmm odd. Maybe support will ask for more details. Anyway glad you have things working

Hi @Vikram_Shahi,

I’m glad you were able to get up and running here. If you see any issues return please let us know!

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