Unable to connect to server

Hi @jussi_laako …I am using hqplayer embedded on an Antipodes EX server. After doing it’s update hqplayer was updated to 4.22.0. When trying to enter the configuration screen I keep getting the message “ unable to connect to server” and just a blank web page. The command the software gives in the web browser is “”. Since then the software has updated hqplayer to 4.22.1 but the problem persists. I have approached Antipodes tech support a few times with no reply.

Only Antipodes can help on this. To help I would need to have Antipodes hardware and be able to login to the OS as root user. Since I don’t have any such hardware nor access to the OS, it is very hard to say what is going on.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks very much for working with Antipodes to solve this!!