Unable to connect to WiFi (and debug)

I’ve been trying to connect XL to my wireless after upgrading to RoPieeeXL 2022.08.1 (0522) - previously I’ve been running on previous generation. I’m pretty sure I’ve been using correct password, but for some reasons XL doesn’t connect.

Unfortunately SSH access is now fully disabled and there is no easy way to access logs. I’ve been trying to use Send Feedback button, but all it does is giving me identifier ecd76f22725fba68. I hate putting more load on Harry, but somehow I feel I’m not able to solve it on my own without having access to basic logs. Can you please help?

Hi @Maciej_S ,

The logs show a somewhat cryptic message saying ‘No suitable BSSes found’.
Question: are you by any chance running openWRT on your router?


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Hi @spockfish, thank you for your help!

I’m running UniFi based network and log message you’ve pasted pointed me to a different direction. I had “fast roaming” enabled on my 2.4 GHz network (that I use for IoT devices only). An option not needed in this use case, and apparently causing issues here - surprising it used to work well before. Anyways, turning it off fixed the issue, have a great day!

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