Unable to connect / unstable connection to QNAP Core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

QNAP . HS-251+ Roon Version :** 1.6 (build 416) stable QPKG-Version : 2019-06-09

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Connected to same Netgear Switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Stream over ethernet to PS Audio Directstream

Description Of Issue

I have had no issues since using Roon 2 years ago. All of a sudden I can no longer connect to my CORE from any device; Tablet/PC/Mobile. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the CORE and restored from dropbox backup.

I have logs to send if you are able to advise where I can send.


Hi @Andrew_Walton,

What is your router model/manufacturer? Is the behavior the same if you bypass the Netgear switch and connect directly to the router? Are your Tablets/PCs/Mobile on the same network name (SSID) and not perhaps on a “guest” network of sorts?

Hi Noris,

Thanks for the reply. Its not network related I have tried bypassing the switch and connecting to the router where DHCP server is sitting and no luck. PC’s are all ethernet on the same switch and tablets/mobile on the same SSID. I’m sure its not network related.

In the Roon Core QNAP I have repeats of this:

21.08.19-21:37:40 — Started
21.08.19-21:37:42 — Not responding
21.08.19-21:37:47 — Running
21.08.19-21:38:49 — Error
21.08.19-21:38:51 — Initializing
21.08.19-21:38:51 — Started
21.08.19-21:38:52 — Not responding
21.08.19-21:38:57 — Running
21.08.19-21:40:00 — Error
21.08.19-21:40:02 — Initializing
21.08.19-21:40:02 — Started
21.08.19-21:40:03 — Not responding
21.08.19-21:40:08 — Running
21.08.19-21:41:11 — Error
21.08.19-21:41:13 — Initializing
21.08.19-21:41:13 — Started
21.08.19-21:41:13 — Not responding
21.08.19-21:41:23 — Running


Hi @Andrew_Walton,

Can you please upload a set of logs to Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com and drop them as a shared link here?

And you’ve verified that all devices are in the same IP subnet range?

Hi Daniel,
Yes I can confirm all on the same subnet IP range.

Thanks Noris I appreciate the help - log files are here

Is there any tool to check the integrity of my roon database?

Hi @Andrew_Walton,

Thanks for sending those over, I took a look through them and I don’t see anything jump out to me. If there was an issue with your database it would likely be noted in the logs. I wonder if there is an issue with the QNAP HDD, can you try running a S.M.A.R.T. Check?

Hi Noris,

This is becoming quite a problem. No errors on the full SMART scan. I have tried removing and reinstalling Roon Core from the QNAP.

I will try installing to another PC running Windows 10. That way I guess we will know if its the QNAP or not.

When I load roon on any device it sees the core then attempts to connect it looks like it is almost loaded starts bringing up my library and then it fails and just stalls at the Roon loading logo.

Do you have a link where I can install previous Roon releases?


Hi @Andrew_Walton,

Downgrading versions of Roon is not supported for compatibility reasons, and I am certain we can get to the bottom of this issue with regular troubleshooting.

Yes, please let me know how this goes. I would start off by using a fresh database on the Windows 10 machine, as in do not restore your previous QNAP database just yet and do let me know if things are still stable when using the Windows 10 Core. Thanks!

Hi Noris,

OK I have done a clean install on Win10, fresh datbase - working successfully and stable

I then did another clean install on Win10 and restored database - working successfully and stable

This suggests that it is something with the QNAP. I wonder if recent QTS firmware update on the QNAP has caused an issue. Should I try rollback on the QNAP?


Hi @Andrew_Walton,

Thanks for confirming that this behavior only occurs on the QNAP, this is a great data point to have.

One thing which also may provide a useful data point - if you reinstall the Roon app on the QNAP and do not restore the database, does the same issue occur?

If yes, I would suggest taking a look at the firmware and seeing if it is possible to roll back. I would also verify that the QNAP still has sufficient free storage space as to properly host the database.

I have no real clue where these errors from the log come from (the stdout log is not really specific here and there seems to be no error in the roon server logs)

I was wondering if this might be caused by another app on your qnap. Specifically any app that accesses your database file structure. Are you using any kind of backup or sync service with roon’s database?
Does the behaviour change if you temporarily turn off the McAfee antivirus app?

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Hi Christopher and Noris, Thanks for providing some insight. I shutdown McAfee and a cloud backup service I had running. Unfortunately no change. I think something is definitely wrong with the QNAP. I tried to re-authorize Roon and it couldn’t even complete that. I even wiresharked the packets going out from laptop and tablets and its definitely finding the QNAP core and sending to it successfully. Aside from firmware rollback which is a pain I am thinking an entire re-flash is about the only option or I move to the Win10 device which is a shame because I really enjoyed the ‘always on’ nature of the NAS and its bulletproof-ness over the last 3 years. More detailed logging would be good too.

Hi @Andrew_Walton,

I wonder if the hardware itself has gone awry here. I would suggest performing a RAM check on the QNAP, I can’t say for sure if this is compatible but it might be worth a try: https://www.memtest86.com/

There is also a memory test in the QNAP Diagnostic Tool included.

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OK no issues with QNAP hardware according to the tests.

However, I did a clean install and it worked fine I was able to play tidal no issues. I then specified my storage folder on the QNAP and it began analyzing and importing tracks. At some point during this process the core/app closes and then I cannot reconnect. This suggests that I have a bad file maybe that is corrupting the database? Is there anyway I can identify the offending file? A database checking utility like I mentioned before?

Hi @Andrew_Walton,

Do you mind sharing a link to your new logs after the fresh install? I am not seeing any signs in the old logs you submitted that this could be due to media files, but it is a possibility in the new ones.

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